The work honors as Queens, two women who attempted self defense in the wake of sexual violence

'Give Me To The Wind' is a 5 x 15 foot mural, live painted over the course of five hours at Art Basel Miami. Utilizing the visual language of classic playing cards, the work depicts two women who attempted self defense in the wake of sexual violence. 'Give Me To The Wind' is imbued with icons of the clitoris, a symbol of body sovereignty for all. In plain sight, but unrecognized by nearly everyone the clitoris as a symbol stands for the universal to hold sovereignty over one's body. The portraits depict Reyhanneh Jaybarri, who was hanged in Iran on October 25, 2014 after killing her rapist in self defense and Wasilat Tasi'u, a child of 14 who was forced to marry a man against her will. Wasilat is currently on trial and facing the death penalty for poisoning her husband to escape a lifetime of rape. The title 'Give Me to The Wind' is taken from the last letter Reyhaneh wrote to her mother before being executed. This art performance was curated by Nicole Ehrlich with proceeds to benefit the Brooklyn Museum's Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.


Photos © Sarah Nakano Purgett